Focus on Building Your Business

Having a website with ability to scale as you grow does not have to be expensive. And since Controlcamp is a Software-as-a-Service, you don't have to worry about managing your web server and content management system.

Replace 5+ systems with an all-in-one, unified platform, cloud content management system for websites

Our complete software-as-a-service offering allows you to manage your website contents and customers with one system anywhere in the world.


Say goodbye to integration nightmares and plugin patches. Controlcamp's hosted solution helps you build powerful business websites, in less time and without server-side coding.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Controlcamp includes powerful reporting tools, integrated into every aspect of your client's online business. From web pages to online shops, email marketing to lead management - BC records every customer interaction and gives you the tools to track them.

  • An online store, out of the box

    Give your client an SEO-friendly online store, without the pain of custom coding or tedious configuration. Controlcamp includes a powerful eCommerce platform out of the box, that let’s you easily use HTML/CSS to completely customize the online shopping experience.

  • Built-in CRM and web forms

    Controlcamp’s built-in customer database (CRM) system integrates with all the web forms, online store orders, memberships and content management features of your client’s site, enabling them to provide better service for their customers.

  • A range of dynamic built-in modules

    Say goodbye to plugins or custom server-side coding, and add dynamic business functionality your sites using a range of built-in modules. Quickly and easily implement advanced features such as announcements, event bookings and blogs with a point and click approach.

Is Controlcamp a Backend-as-a-Service Provider?

You could call us that. Controlcamp includes various modules that you could use to develop website functionality that your customers will love without having to create them from scratch.

Try Controlcamp and be your organization's next hero.